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December 22, 2008


Debra F.

I didn't make it in today; I'm starting the drive this evening for Mountain Ranch (in the mountains east of Stockton). My aunt says she has a couple of feet of snow. Let's hope the Cruiser makes it up the driveway!

Since she only has dial up, and it's snowing, any recommended workouts?

See the 6 AM next Monday. Merry Christmas to everyone at CrossFit Flood!


Debra I know when I go to the snow one thing I like to do is go snowshoeing. I've done Tabata snowshoe before. Run 20 seconds and walk 10 seconds for 8 rounds and see how far you can go. If you can go over a half mile you're doing pretty good.



20::33 Rx

:2 Burpees - 33



22::23 Rx

Double Unders kill me!

31 Burpees.



17::40 Rx

What a killer! I thought my legs were going to collapse under me before I could finish the workout.

32ish "sloppy" burpees.

Chris from Steve's Club

hey it me again chris from steves club,
sorry its ben long but better late than never right....yea today i sqauded with #115 & #135 as our warm up and then we did 135 pound bench presses
-chris from steves club

Mark T



Couldn't find any rhythm on the double unders.

Couldn't catch my breath the whole way with the altitude (9,100ft)


35 / M / 190

Mark quite an impressive effort considering you were nearly 2 miles up!!

I'm feeling this one. Very rough.

Monica had a special treat on this one. She was having car trouble and showed up 30 minutes late. So once she got changed I had her warm up on the rower and then row a 200m row for time - 45.5 seconds.
Rest 2 minutes and then row a Tabata with the goal being to get as close to 1000m as possible - she hit 915m. Then came the trick, she had one chance to row a faster 200m row than she had already done OR she had to row a 2000m for time.
She had quite the cheering section at the 5pm class and beat her time by 2.5 seconds. You have never seen Monica row that hard...EVER!!! She was rowing like a woman possessed. I think with that effort she might be able to take the Women's 500m time. Great job Monica!



Steve thanks for putting that workout together for me so last minute. You always have some fun and exciting workout ideas on hand. I think I was just really scared about the possibility of having to row a 2000m after all of that.. that would have been really rough.


I drove all freaking day and am all hopped up on caffeine. Miss everyone! I'm going to make my sis and brother-in-law work out with us this week!

Merry Christmas!

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