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March 19, 2009





Lap 1: 2:45
Lap 2: 2:48
Lap 3: 2:45

Getting a lot better at the handstand against the wall. Kicked up successfully on every attempt today. A little more practice and I think I should be able to knock out the :1 handstand hold. Although doing a HSPU seems like a task in futility.



15::07 (run/row)

Lap 1: 3::09**
Lap 2: 2::55 (800m row)
Lap 3: 3::03 (800m row)

** My knee pain came up about half way through the first lap so I walked it off back into the gym and jumped onto the rower to finish the last 400m stretch. I gave myself 10 seconds over Steve O's time since I was tracking him pretty closely for most of it, and reduced my rest. I did the rest of the WOD on the rower @800m legs. Not surprisingly my times were pretty close to previous 800m runs. We really should stop the practice of exchanging 500m row for a 400m run since time-wise it's pretty close to equivalent on a per-meter basis.

I've been practicing handstands at home the last week or two and it's becoming a lot more comfortable. Just find a wall and make sure there's nothing nearby you can hit when you land back on your feet. I can do 3/4 a fully HSPU pretty consistently now. YAY! My upper body strength has been pretty disappointing to me over the last year, and I'm hoping this will help overcome that plateau.

Yesterday was "better" though scheduling makes it a little harder to keep track as you compare it to the B L S D S suggested routine. It just forces you to get good at shifting blocks around. I'm also picking up some things from http://robbwolf.com here and there.

steve O



Lap 1: 2:59
Lap 2: 2:52
Lap 3: 2:44

I managed to get progressively faster. I felt that the first one was the hardest, with the third run being the easiest for some reason. I think maybe I hadn't warmed up enough before we started.



You should come to the nutrition seminar on Saturday. We will be talking all about these issues. It should help out a lot.



I'm going to be out of town, otherwise I would. My folks have a copy of the Zone book that I'm going to borrow when I see them this weekend, and I've picked up a few things from Robb. If you have any other resources please tell!




Leg 1 - 2::44
Leg 2 - 2::47
Leg 3 - 2::39

I'm glad I'm not the rowing machine. Roxanne does NOT look happy!!




Nailed the first lap at 2:39, fell off about 10 seconds the second round and another 10 seconds the last round.


35 / M / 180

14::13 ... Lehman beat me again!!!

Chad took off like a shot on the first round and I never caught him. On the middle of the second round I finally caught up with him. I think if he started a little slower on the first one he would have finished even faster.
By the way, Monica KILLED this. She got right over 15 minutes!!! Are you kidding me?! And Mindi rowed it and averaged 20 seconds faster than any other row she has done. HOLY SMOKES!





My victory today was to barely stay ahead of the lady who just had a baby, who was pushing said baby in her stroller for all 3 800s.



No victories today


15:32. My times were a lot more consistent than past 800's. Staying ahead of Scott, Seth, and the new mom with the racing stroller were all wins for me. Aim high, right?


ok, the next time I row I'm going to practice smiling!

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