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March 20, 2009




8:00 Rx

Mile run for the book - 5:53


I've seen this workout before and I really want to be able to do this one. However, I'll be in Mammoth for three days starting Monday and I want fresh legs. After only being back two days after more than a month out there is no way I would recover for Mammoth. My legs are still tender from Monday's cleans.

steve O


5::58 Rx

Good times!



8::24 Rx

This was not a good time, Steve! I want to say I could have gone faster - and maybe by a little bit - but I was already pushing myself pretty hard. What I am impressed by is that the last time we did this about a year ago I was using a 12# ball (still CF fresh) and completed it only ::30 faster. Score!

I will be out of town on Monday... I'll miss you all.

I don't think I've ever eaten so much protein so consistently in my life. Nor have I ever eaten such large salads (6c romaine is more than it sounds!). I'm hanging in there but I'm already modifying my blocks from meal for what my body needs. All very interesting.

Debra F.

I left in the middle of the workout, it seemed so overwhelming, as if I could barely lift the ball. Now I'm in bed with a fever, so I feel a little better for having bailed.


9:33 with the 14lb med ball. Its been a long time since we have done this one.


35 / M / 181

I tweaked my knee the other day, although the runs felt fine, so I did weighted dips instead.

5x35lbs, 3x50, 2x65, 1x75, 1x85
I think I still had some more in the tank but time was running late and I needed to run home.

Great job today on the mental fortitude required in this workout.
Hope to see you all in the morning. 8am bright and early.



9::36 Rx

I did 30 in the first minute, 20 in the second minute, but averaged 12 to 13 a minute after that. I'm ok with my time, though, this was tough. At some point along the way I had to start full-on jumping the ball up each time to hit the 10' target. Definitely a challenge and I felt good about keeping up with Monica today!

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