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October 19, 2010




15::34 Rx

Not my fastest time but not sure how I could have gone much faster

Brian Dalager


13::21 Rx

PR by ::7 seconds. Going into the last round I thought I was a minute behind my PR. Then when I started the squats I realized I was on track and was able to get through the last 15. Another night running in the rain. Some people love it, some people hate it. I love it!

Way to fight for those unbroken squats Jack and Piper! EB you killed it, Sweet PR!



14:45 Rx

Good job Cam/Brian!
I was looking back through my log book and this was not a PR for me, but defiantly better than the last time I did it. My PR was way back in Dec of 07 and I was exactly 14sec shy of it..

I to am a fan of running in the rain, love it..

Kevin Dalager


16:12 Rx

First time doing Nancy as Rx. Didn't push the run as hard as I could of, but did work hard to stick form on OHS. Next time will work to do OHS unbroken on more sets.

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