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October 31, 2011


Mike Stoodley


13::58 Rx with vest

1st time doing this Hero WOD. I like the step away from the exercises that many of us are used to.

Brian Dalager


Deadlift - 3 x 5:


WOD: 14::30 w/ 20# weight vest

Mike Stoodley

Forgot about the DL: 265x5.

Everyone looked great on the deadlifts! Remember that the deadlift is the prerequisite to, and a component of, the snatch and the clean. It is also the safe and sound approach by which any object should be picked up off the ground.

Points to remember for the setup:
Stance is between hip and shoulder width. Weight in heels. Back arched/lumbar curve locked in. Shoulders slightly in front of the bar. Bar in contact with the shins. Arms locked straight. Grip outside the knees, just wide enough to not interfere with knees.

Drive through the heels. Extend legs while hips and shoulders rise at the same rate. Once the bar passes the knees, the hip opens all the way up. Bar maintains contact with the legs the entire time. Head neutral. On return to the floor, push hips back and shoulders forward slightly; delay the knee bend. Once the bar descends below the knee and the torso angle is set, return the bar down to the setup position.

Jared Martin

29 / M / 200

Deadlift: 275 - 295 - 315

WOD: 17:10 Rx w/ Vest
1st time doing "Brenton". Bear crawls exposed my weakness in upper arm / shoulder strength. The cardio factor in this one was a constant battle (may have been worsened by wearing the weight vest).

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