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October 29, 2008



What does it mean when you oversleep your alarm by 2.5 hours? A little ridiculous! I will have to do the 5K on my own tonight.




This was my first Crossfit "5k." Not easy, but not unbearable. It just goes to show the nature of Crossfit workouts are good training for more than just lifting, pulling, and pushing exercises.

Some of us this morning were wondering if the course, straight from CF to Clairemont Mesa Blvd was too short... it is, according to Google Maps (a little over 4.5k). The distance is a little more accurate if we run out to the driveway behind the gym on Calle Fortunada, then take that street to Ruffin before heading North.
Check it: http://tinyurl.com/crossfit5k

Overall, a good run. We should do this more often.




I didn't throw up and even got to change Micah's stinky diaper afterward. Happy birthday to me!



My first day back to the gym!!

I'm still trying to figure out what would be realistic expectations of myself and my performance after pregnancy and the birth of Noah.

I was advised not to try kipping pull ups quite yet, so I used the purple band. If I feel okay tomorrow, I'll try a few unassisted pull ups and see how it goes. Anyway...

Today I did:
"Half Cindy"
:10 Max Rounds
5 Pull Ups (Purple band)
10 Push Ups (Knees)
15 Squats

Completed 9 Rounds

Ended w/
Overhead Squats
4 @ 11lbs.
3 @ 22lbs.
3 @ 33lbs.

Brandon from Steve's Club

today i stopped in for a good work out. I been gone for a while but now iam back.ive been playing football for my high school but since i dislocated ma shoulder iam back here in the club. you are going to be hereing from me alot now. feels good posting again and training


Brandon, sorry you dislocated your shoulder. I did that too a while ago. It hurts and even worse than the pain is that you can't use it for a while.

Welcome back to Steve's Club. Thanks for posting.

Adam Ulm

Heather, you're an animal! Dave, Happy Birthday...if it's really your Birthday(awe heck, even if it's not). I tried to take the first third of the run easy and then pick up the pace. I picked up the pace, but I re-learned what I already knew: 5k is too short to run slow at any point.



plus I'm out of shape. Time to get serious.


That'll teach me to be arrogant about my rowing skills. I rowed the 5k today and Kyle, who started after me, killed it. Katie rocked it too and I am left with the sad 24 minutes it took me to complete it. Boohoo, poor me. Somebody call the waaaahhmbulance.


Who is this Cameron Perry guy pointing out the shortness of the run anyway?


Today is Matt's B-Day as well...the big 4-0!!! Happy Birthday guys!

After a week out of the gym I did Angie today.

100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

I knew the pushups would be tough but I was surprised at how fatigued my legs were for the last 50 squats. I expected to do them in 2 sets of 50 but they really slowed me down.

Brandon, it is nice to see you back...keep working hard!!


34 / M / 186

5k Row 19::13.
Jared you still have the record by one second!!!

Great job today on the run. It was great at the 5pm. Every person in the gym was doing a different workout.


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